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Inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers from his blog  I am including a ‘what I am doing now’ section to this site.

It’s a lovely initiative that he started to promote what people are doing in the present moment.  It’s a lovely idea if you have a blog why not include one of your own?

I will keep it updated with the newest news at the top of the page.

1st January 2018

I can finally share my goal for 2018.

I wrote about it in this blog post but if you don’t have time to read it, in short, I am doing 52 weeks of different experiments to bring more fun, balance, joy, and creativity into my year.

Each week will be a different goal and they will range from learning something complex to some downright ridiculous ideas.

I had lost my way a little – I wasn’t finding joy in the simplest things like I used to and decided a big overhaul was needed!

Now Exercising

I am sad to say my exercise has fallen by the wayside – I went through another period of high blood pressure and have done little more than walking everyday.  Still shooting for over 10,000 steps a day.

One of my weekly experiments will be to do 7 days of different workouts, trying something new will fire up my enthusiasm.

Now Reading


This is a fabulous book and really prompted me to get my ass into gear and take the leap into my year’s project.

I love Sarah’s writing style and I am rereading it this week and making notes….

Now Learning

I need to get to grips with WordPress.

I downloaded a theme from Themify and every day I try and learn something new to improve my website.

Thanks to YouTube and this tutorial, this task got a little easier!

So that’s it for now, I am well into Week 1 of #bestyearyet and the decluttering is going well.

Happy New Year everyone


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6th November 2017

So….. I got married.

bridget hunt wedding

It was the best day of my life.  Full of love and laughter… and yummy food!

We had the reception in the garden of our house and just about got the garden finished in time.

That day will be held in my memory bank forever.

Now Exercising

I have to be honest, I have lost my running mojo a little.  Last weekend I ran the River Thames Half with some friends of mine – we had a great day and it reminded me why I love to run.

I also qualified as a spinning instructor – my wonderful friend Claire opened a new spin studio and so I took the training there.  It was knackering but fascinating and I just love to learn so it ticked a big box for me.

I need to get back into a regular running routine again though…..

Now Reading


I love this book – I found it after reading this awesome blog post and really love it.  I think I know a few people I can gift it to this Christmas…

It’s a self-help book that doesn’t pack any punches (even though the punches are delivered with love!).

Now Learning

After speaking at the last Yoga Fit Retreat in Ibiza, I realized I needed to turn a lot of what I know into some sort of course.  People ask me all the time for advice and it’s time to turn it into something that is collected in one place.

I am looking at building an online course called ‘What’s Eating You?’

Now learning how to actually build it!  Fascinating!

Hopefully I will have some news for you soon, something you can register for and work through at your own pace.  Really want to help people who struggle with food/dieting.

Until next time, stay warm and drink tea!


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28th July 2017

Apologies for the lack of update!

It’s been a crazy couple of months.

We moved into our new house and I just love it.  Weybridge is a lovely town to live in and whilst we are still unpacking and trying to find places for our stuff it really does feel like home already.

It’s only a couple of weeks until our wedding too….. house move, wedding, running a business and training for an Ultra Marathon = STRESS!

Last weekend I ran the Cotswold 24 hour race and it was quite an experience!  As lovely as the notion of glamping was, it was very wet weather and all I am going to say is – Camping is NOT for us.

That said, I met some wonderful people and it just confirmed my love for Ultra running.

bridget hunt dream big cotswold 24 hour goals action results

Now Exercising

With the last big chunk of run training done, I am doing a bit of cross-training to work some other muscles.

One of my favourite places is Digme Fitness in Richmond.  It is a high-end spinning concept studio and I just love it.  So much so, it is going to go into my Little Black Book

I am also keen to try out Inferno pilates (I know right??!) at The Yoga Loft.  It will do wonders for my core…..

Now Reading

why sell tacos in africa bridget hunt book entrepreneur

This a great book for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur or already on the path.

Written by Paul Oberschneider it is a journey of how went from $400 in his pocket to a business worth over $200 million.

It is thought-provoking, no BS and has really made me think about how I approach problems.

A great read.

Now Learning

rest is good bridget hunt

This period really is a time of rest for me – mentally as well as physically.

I struggle a bit with it, I will admit.

When you train intensively for something and then go from all out to nothing it’s hard to see the benefit.  The body is still in ‘training mode’.

I need to allow myself the time off running, to repair and renew.  I also need to be aware of my mental health – running is my Prozac and I will admit, I feel a bit bereft without it at the moment.


So until the next update, stay well, stay strong and send me your tips for learning to rest!




19th April 2017

What a month it has been!

I was supposed to be running the Brighton Marathon but with 7 weeks missed off training due to illness I decided not to run it.

Chiara and I went down for the weekend anyway.   We had a wonderful time cheering on the other runners and checking out the vibrant cafe scene in this wonderful seaside town.

In hindsight, I was glad I didn’t run it as it was a really warm day and I think my blood pressure problems may have surfaced!

We are moving house in a couple of days and are really excited/anxious/nervous about the move.  Both Chiara and I have a high need for certainty and moving house is so unsettling.  It will all be ok (we just keep reminding ourselves!).  Hopefully, I will have some photos of our renovated house to show you soon….

After a busy winter chocolate season, we are now ramping up to ice cream season in our stores.  I love it when I can feel summer coming, I might be regretting that statement when we are up against it and pumping out 300 kilos of gelato a day…..

Here is a photo of the gelato in one of our shops – freshly made and ready to eat!

gelato Gelateria Danieli Now

Apart from that news, here is a snapshot of my ‘now’.


Now Reading

When Breath Becomes Air ~ Paul Kalanith

When breath becomes air Bridget Hunt now reading

Oh, this book is STUNNING.

It is a story about a trainee neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the age of 36.  He turns from doctor to patient overnight.

I haven’t finished it yet, must make time.  I just know it is going to be one of those books that I gift often.  A story of courage, honesty and so profound it is breathtaking.

Now Learning

As some of you know I am eating a plant-based vegan diet.

I am reading up on new recipes and how best to structure my daily intake of food given that I am training for a 24-hour race (more of that below).

I stumbled upon a wonderful writer of the blog Oh she Glows (her cookbook is amazing!).   This recipe which I adapted is simply delicious.

Easy Creamy Tomato Barley Risotto

now eating oh she glows


Now Exercising

So have entered a 24-hour race as a solo entrant in July (eek!).

It is the Cotswold 24 hour race and I am really excited about it.  Lots of people enter as a relay team but I am entering a solo entrant to see how far I can go.

Chiara and I will be ‘glamping’ for the weekend in one of these:

now training cotswold 24 hour pillow

The lovely folks at provide luxury camping for races and event.  I am so glad that this is available – hopefully, if I need to have a nanny nap during the race, I can.


Will keep you updated on progress and hope you have a wonderful rest of this month.


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